Typhoid fever is a major health concern, which is caused by infection of the Gram-negative bacterial pathogen 国外代理服务器ip免费serovar Typhi. Controlling 香港代理服务器ip免费 infections may become more difficult because of the widespread of drug-resistant Salmonella. To provide insight into the fight against drug-resistant Salmonella, research in my laboratory focuses on deciphering the host-Salmonella interactions with an emphasis on Salmonella AB toxins. The first Salmonella AB toxin identified is在线代理服务器免费网页版 that contributes to Salmonella Typhi's virulence and persistence. Some of nontyphoidal Salmonella (NTS) also encode typhoid toxin orthologs. Our studies suggest that Salmonella AB toxins have evolved by altering their gene sequences in response to host factors (e.g. chemical and structural differences of glycan receptors present in host cells).

We use a multidisciplinary approach integrating bacterial genetics, biochemistry, glycobiology, cell biology, immunology, structural biology, and animal models to decipher the interactions between the host and bacterial pathogens. Our research would offer important insights into the development of much-needed innovative controlling strategies against Salmonella infections and its associated diseases, but also into the advancement of our understanding of bacterial AB toxin biology and function.

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Research Interests: Bacterial AB toxins; Antimicrobial Resistance; Salmonella Virulence & Pathogenesis; Glycoconjugates in Microbial Pathogenesis & Host Responses; Monoclonal antibodies; Vaccines


Please contact PI, Jeongmin Song (js2957 at cornell.edu) with your CV, if you are interested. Dr. Song is affiliated with the following graduate programs at Cornell University: the Biomedical & Biological Sciences program (BBS), the Biochemistry, Molecular Cellular Biology program (BMCB) , and the 国外代理服务器ip免费 program.